When it comes to looking taller, naturally tall girls do have an advantage! But for everyone else, it is not the end of the world! After all, what are wedges and stilettoes for, huh? But looking taller is more than just a function of the height of your heels.

First, remember to embrace who you are! After all, loving your body gives you confidence. Always walk tall as this is the first step to appear taller. No slouching or hunching, throw your shoulders back and think tall! Straighten your spine, extend your neck, and see how it visually adds inches to your torso.

Next up - what you wear! Of course, clothes do matter. Choose them wisely for visual impact. Listed below are six wardrobe tips to make you appear taller:

Choosing the Right Color

Choose monochromes and solid colors to create an illusion of length and added height! Different colors simply divide the body creating boxes, making you look shorter and stubby! You can blend colors (choosing colors from the same family) rather than wearing a starkly different one on the top and bottom. Also match your shoes to the color of your lowers to add length to your stems.

Long Patterns

Vertical stripes or pinstripes are a definite yes because they naturally add length making you look taller. Pleats and vertical zippers add to this elongated illusion.

V for ‘V-Neck’

Wear blouses with a deep ‘V’ neck as they too add more length to your torso. Avoid scoop necks, crew necks and wide neck lines since they can make you look boxier!

Choose an “A-Line” Silhouette

The classic A-Line Silhouette that is fitted and tailored to perfection will work wonders at lengthening your frame. On the contrary, loose and flowy clothing might not work as well and instead make you appear chubbier and shorter. Also opt for clothing that fits snug instead of loose, flappy options.

High-Waists Never Disappoint

Ditch those low-slung bottoms and instead wear high-waisted pants, jeans, skirts or shorts! These will help to elongate your legs. The eye will start at your waist adding extra inches to your legs making you appear taller and definitely more fashionable!

The In-Tuck

Wear shirts, blouses, etc. tucked in at the waist to keep you looking taller, or at least tuck them in from the front. Alternatively wear crop tops with very little waist showing to add a few inches to your legs and your height. Now that your wardrobe is sorted let us perfect those fab accessories too! Opt for long necklaces on plain tops or drape scarves in long loops at the front of your dress to add verticality. Big bags are out, so are broad belts. Skinny belts and ‘pointy toes’ footwear will elongate and lengthen. Dress well, dress smart, dress right and walk tall!

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