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When it comes to looking taller, naturally tall girls do have an advantage! But for everyone else, it is not the end of the world! After all, what are wedges and stilettoes for, huh? But looking taller is more than just a function of the height of your heels.

First, remember to embrace who you are! After all, loving your body gives you confidence. Always walk tall as this is the first step to appear taller. No slouching or hunching, throw your shoulders back and think tall! Straighten your spine, extend your neck, and see how it visually adds inches to your torso.

Next up - what you wear! Of course, clothes do matter. Choose them wisely for visual impact. Listed below are six wardrobe tips to make you appear taller:

Choosing the Right Color

Choose monochromes and solid colors to create an illusion of length and added height! Different colors simply divide the body creating boxes, making you look shorter and stubby! You can blend colors (choosing colors from the same family) rather than wearing a starkly different one on the top and bottom. Also match your shoes to the color of your lowers to add length to your stems.

Long Patterns

Vertical stripes or pinstripes are a definite yes because they naturally add length making you look taller. Pleats and vertical zippers add to this elongated illusion.

V for ‘V-Neck’

Wear blouses with a deep ‘V’ neck as they too add more length to your torso. Avoid scoop necks, crew necks and wide neck lines since they can make you look boxier!

Choose an “A-Line” Silhouette

The classic A-Line Silhouette that is fitted and tailored to perfection will work wonders at lengthening your frame. On the contrary, loose and flowy clothing might not work as well and instead make you appear chubbier and shorter. Also opt for clothing that fits snug instead of loose, flappy options.

High-Waists Never Disappoint

Ditch those low-slung bottoms and instead wear high-waisted pants, jeans, skirts or shorts! These will help to elongate your legs. The eye will start at your waist adding extra inches to your legs making you appear taller and definitely more fashionable!

The In-Tuck

Wear shirts, blouses, etc. tucked in at the waist to keep you looking taller, or at least tuck them in from the front. Alternatively wear crop tops with very little waist showing to add a few inches to your legs and your height. Now that your wardrobe is sorted let us perfect those fab accessories too! Opt for long necklaces on plain tops or drape scarves in long loops at the front of your dress to add verticality. Big bags are out, so are broad belts. Skinny belts and ‘pointy toes’ footwear will elongate and lengthen. Dress well, dress smart, dress right and walk tall!


by Tips, Tricks and Trends | 09 May, 2021 |

We are sure this has happened to you before - you excitedly order a dress online only to find that it looks washed out and completely different on you than it did on the model. To avoid this from happening time and again, here are some tips for you to identify which colors look the best on you based on your skin tone. Keep these tips in mind before you splurge at your favorite store.

Light Skin Tones

If you have a pale complexion, opt for darker shades: these include colors like maroon, navy, emerald-green, and royal purple. The contrast will accentuate your features and brighten up your face.

Wearing pastels and lighter neutral shades is a big no-no if you are on the pale side of the color spectrum. The colors will blend with your skin in an unflattering way and make your skin look washed out. Unfortunately, for the minimalist dressers out there, black and white are also not great. While some amount of contrast works well, black and white provides too much of a contrast, making you look pastier than normal.

Medium Skin Tones

For those of you with warmer olive skin tones, it is a good idea to stick close to wearing warm tones like rich oranges and yellows. If you decide to mix it up and wear cooler colors, try and go for the ones with a warmer undertone. A vibrant turquoise in the blue family or a deep magenta from the purple hues will go a long way.

Try to skip out on the colors that are at the opposite end of the spectrum - especially frosty blues or purples.

Darker Skin Tones

You guys should be thanking your lucky stars that black, white, cool, warm - almost everything works for you! Whether you opt for a mustard summer dress or a cornflower blue pantsuit, you can take comfort in the fact that your wardrobe can be as diverse as your personality. The main color we ask you to stay away from is brown (and to be honest, this should not be hard), because who would want to wear a brown when they could be rocking lapis lazuli?


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With fashion becoming more and more accessible (thanks to online shopping), it is become all the more difficult to decide what trends you should and shouldn’t adopt depending on what suits you. But fret not! BB is here to help. Here is how you can go about developing your signature style…

Wardrobe Analysis

This is the most crucial step in defining your personal style. Do a thorough wardrobe analysis of what the kind of pieces you have in your wardrobe are; include everything from clothes to bags to jewelry and shoes and only keep those that you think define your personal style.

Next, look at the kind of clothes you own the most (in number.) For example, if you own a lot of dresses or striped tees, then that is what makes you feel more comfortable, which means you should be building your signature style around those pieces.

Find Your Best Asset

If you have a tiny waist or endless legs, do not be afraid to show them off. Understanding your body type and dressing to flatter it is the most important part of developing your signature style.

Do Your Research

When you are browsing the internet be it Google or Pinterest, keep a diary of outfits you think will flatter you. Do the same with the kind of clothes you wear by snapping a selfie. After about a month go over all the photos to figure out which outfits you looked most comfy in.

Choose a Signature Piece

Whether it is a pair of oversized sunglasses, fringe jacket, cropped pants, or a monogrammed necklace, choose one piece that you can call your own.

Put Together Your Look

As a beginner, take time to put together your look and choose one signature piece you want to create your look around. For example, if dresses are your style, then keep jewelry minimal for your dress to take the center stage.

Do Not Forget

It might be hard to admit but no look is complete without some makeup; be choosy about how you seal your look; whether it is a coral lip color or heavy kohl.


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There is something so intriguing about supermodels. Be it Gisele Bundchen or Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell - you just cannot escape their allure. Statuesque, confident and jaw-droppingly gorgeous and flawless skin and hair are what they all share in common. Not possessing those physical attributes does not mean you cannot look like a supermodel. Follow these basic tricks and we are sure you will be supermodel fabulous in no time.

Rock the Locks

Gorgeous, luscious and flowing - these are the adjectives most supermodels would associate with their hair. Keep your hair in bombshell condition by making sure you treat it to regular oil massages. Wash your hair not more than twice a week and treat your locks to a hair spa at least once every two weeks. The resultant bouncy, healthy and shiny hair will have people doling out compliments by the dozen.

It is All About the Body

Do not believe people who say, “I do not do anything. I eat what I want and do not work out much. I am just lucky I guess.” Sure, some people are genetically blessed with an amazing metabolism, but an incredibly fit body (another supermodel attribute) is the result of a rigorous diet and exercise regime. So, whether it is kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, or good old running, find a form of exercise you enjoy and stick to it. Eating a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein and low in carbs and fat will aide not only your body, but also your skin.

Flawless Skin is In

Okay, now this one is a bit tricky to manage. Radiant, glowing, and healthy skin is indeed an asset to own. And not everyone is lucky enough to be blessed with it. But that does not mean you cannot own it. Apart from the obvious, eat healthy, exercise, be stress-free tips, we have a special weapon in our arsenal for fabulous skin. And that is Lakmé Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Serum. Armed with Liminizing Vitamins and Light Reflecting Pearls, this serum is perfect for that supermodelesque radiance and glow.

Looking like a supermodel, physically, is not too difficult. Complement the above tips with confidence that comes from being comfortable and fabulous in your own skin and you will easily be the cynosure of attention no matter where you go.